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See what the producers I have worked with say


“To talk about Marina simply as a vocalist or performer would be doing her an injustice. She is distinguished by a unique set of skills, not often found in the profession. We first met when she was working as a backing vocalist on the Ukrainian TV version of “The Voice”. I noted immediately how she stood out from the rest, not only as a performer, but also as an arranger of vocal parts. Despite certain technical difficulties, and a limited number of musicians available for the band, Marina – with great confidence and ease - regularly came up with creative suggestions to present the best possible accompaniment for the performers. She is scrupulous in her work, showing great responsibility and attention to detail, and has an innate knack for finding quick solutions to improve the sound of a performance. Later I got to know her as a composer and, frankly, I was surprised at how accomplished she was. Moreover, I was struck by the fact that she could do everything herself - composing, arranging, programming and sound production! In my experience it’s extremely rare to come across an individual with such a range of talents at this level. I'm sure those who become acquainted with her work will be equally impressed … Just listen!.”

Yuriy Shepeta - Pianist/Composer/Harmonist/Conductor


“Marina is the kind of professional who instinctively delivers a performance to satisfy the whims of even the most demanding of directors (such as me).”

Aleksey Zalevskiy - Producer/Director


“My experience of working with Marina can be expressed in a few words: professional, flexible, reliable, creative, with a great work ethic. I’d highly recommended this vocalist for both studio work and live performances.”

Aleksandr Garkaviy - Bandleader & Owner of Unity Music Agency


“There are many who choose this profession on a whim, thinking it will lead to an easy and glamorous life, or simply because they want to ‘be a star’! Then there are those professionals who are ready to work damned hard, day-in-day-out, regardless of domestic problems, bad weather, or mood, etc. Marina Lecomber is such a professional - someone you can always rely on to give her utmost to any creative project. She is a wonderful singer, an extremely creative musician, and last (but not least) a very good friend!”

Andre France - Producer


"Marina is a brilliant, talented and highly professional musician, producer and songwriter. It's a great pleasure to collaborate. She is very communicative and fast where time is important and in the same time delivers the best quality. I can recommend Marina as a very skilled backing vocalist and vocals producer."

Sergey Dobrovolskiy - Producer


"Marina has the most vivid and bright musical talent I have met in my life. Her ability to enchant a listener with her singing is beyond understanding, her vocal skills are of the highest possible level, her overall musical professionalism is outstanding. Marina is also a top-level songwriter/producer; her production works make my envy! Marina’s ability to play with soundscapes, planes and moods allows her to produce beautiful compositions, full of energy and emotions. Love, sorrow, joy and hope make you follow Marina on her music’s journey and fill newborn and filled with strength every time! I was delightful to work with Marina and I hope I will be a part of her music again!"

Yevgen Stupka - Producer


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Nikolay Sosin

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